Inside Pikus

Founded in 1999, Pikus Concrete has grown from a small residential company to a nationally recognized commercial and industrial concrete contractor. This growth continued after being acquired by Lithko Contracting, one of the nation’s largest concrete contractors. With the addition of Lithko Contracting’s resources, Pikus Concrete has solidified its place as an industry leader in Utah.

The company’s experience spans almost every aspect of commercial concrete construction, with an emphasis on post-tension decks and tall structures. Pikus has constructed a 90-foot shear wall, multi-level concrete parking structures, stadium and hospital concrete structures, and other industrial concrete for multiple-level condominiums, apartment housing projects, mixed-use, and religious buildings.

Pikus sets itself apart by keeping all aspects of its structural concrete in-house, including rebar, formwork, and finish work. This gives us the unique ability to cater to our customers’ individual project needs and to maintain or accelerate project schedules, even when faced with unexpected delays. We also work closely with project engineers and forming suppliers to value-engineer, design, and customize forming systems so each job runs as efficiently as possible.